Lennard Darbee, husband, father, and minister of the gospel, is mostly widely known as a healing evangelist who traveled the country and various parts of the world preaching and healing the sick. The podcast episodes on this website were taken from his Seattle-based radio show, Rays of Faith, which aired from the 1960s to the 1980s.

Many of Lennard’s sermons were published in John Rice’s publication, The Sword of the Lord.

He is the author of two books: Tongues: The Dynamite of God and ___________.

Lennard is survived by his daughter, Marian Dessinger, her two children Kristine and Daniel, and Daniel’s three grandchildren. He is also survived by his grandson Amos Darbee.

Other writings by Lennard Darbee:

A Baptist Scribe Hears a Pentecostal Prophet!